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Dr. David M. Hartman- Client Testimonial Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Our client shares her facelift journey and her daughter discusses how it felt to watch her mom go through the transformation.


Marina Day: I always was told I looked younger than I was for years and years, for decades actually. And suddenly, I was actually at 57 was the golden age where I just started seeing things decline. My neck was having some really loose turkey skin here. I was having a lot of wrinkles in here and it just felt to me, that's what I saw in the mirror the most. And so I wanted to do something about it because I was always told I looked younger than my age. Suddenly it was catching up with me and I was starting to look my age and I was starting to look older than my age.

So I had a little trepidation. I was, I'm not sure, but I decided I was going to explore this thing. I even talked to some of my friends who I could just tell they had done something, but they didn't share with me. And I just started saying to them, "I want to do something about out my neck." So I just started looking about the surgery. Is it dangerous? As I was Googling and looking about it, that's how I stumbled upon Dr. Hartman. But I was becoming a more insecure woman as I was aging. I felt I needed to step up a little bit, because I am all about excellence in my appearance, I have an eye for things. And I always felt that I...

Well actually, when I was going into this, I really didn't think I would have it done, but I wanted to take the steps to explore it because I was thinking, oh, I can't do this. But as I came here, the writing, the goals, his goals caught my attention. He valued trust with a client. So the fact that I could trust him, that's a big issue for him. It is for me, too. Then when I actually, the fact that there was a consultation that was complementary to just come and check it out, that left me at ease, that I didn't have to make a super big investment before I was even near making a decision.

When I came here, I was amazed at the beautiful private spa that exists here, the excellence from the front door, in the staff and in the room. Actually, it was Dr. Hartman who heard my goals for myself, what was bothering me. He listened. He actually gave recommendations that he thought should be more of a priority than what I was looking at. I knew he had my best interests.

I never felt sold. I never felt pushed. I felt he was confident in who he is and what he has to offer, and that just exuded through just his interaction with me. And I never felt that I was in a stuffy place or someplace that was intimidating to me, because you're nervous coming into something like this. I never felt intimidated or nervous. And so I always walked away feeling like, wow, that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. And even the value in what they offered. If you do this, we will give you this, or this procedure we'll include for half-off if you're going to take our recommendations for all that we recommend. My experience is just that at every angle and every step it superseded my expectations.

Then when my husband came on board, he really wanted this for me. He could see, just even exploring, what this was doing for my sense of worth or feeling beautiful. He wanted this for me.

... around. I got a tour. So I got to see the whole facility, but everywhere I was greeted by an employee, it was very friendly and very caring, genuinely caring, to, oh, let me get you over to the right place. And I've been in practices before where I felt intimidated by their employees, that they were sort of snooty, that they were above you. Sometimes if you're not this type of client that gets plastic surgery or is it around it all the time or one of your friends who do, you're intimidated coming into something like this. I never felt intimidated here, never.

To be transformation from the outside in, and that's what it's become. I teach in gems, transformation from the inside out. But this is transformation from the outside in. What you did on the outside, I never thought it was going to boost my confidence. I have people that come up to me and say, "Did you have your makeup done tonight? You just look amazing." And I said, ""No, but thank you."

One thing I want to say is that Dr. Hartman and his staff told me everything I would experience before I did, so that when those feelings came or when you were a little sore or itchy or whatever, they had some remedy for you. I had a beautiful French spray that could mist me and just give me some refreshment because it's not really... I was shocked at how I overestimated, will I be able to go through this? What will the recovery be like? Because I don't have a high tolerance for pain. And sure enough, it wasn't. I was like, wow, this wasn't even as half as hard as I thought it would be. So I was amazed at that. But then just the thoughtful detail that they thought of me at every turn. Like I said, the misting spray. They sent me flowers the day after my procedure. The doorbell rang. I didn't want to go answer the door. Sure enough, nobody was there, but there were these beautiful flowers that said, "We're thinking of you. We're hoping for a speedy recovery."

Kathleen Day: So my name is Kathleen Day. I am the daughter of Marina Day. And remember getting the call from my mother that she was considering getting a neck lift. And I was concerned. I work in the medical space. I've worked in the medical space for the last 10 years. So this is not something that's new to me, but I've been really up and close and personal in the medical space. I've been in surgeries. I see that not every doctor and not every practice is the same. And so when she said she was considering a neck lift, I thought of a few that I knew, personally knew how they did things. And I still just, I wasn't a believer in, at that time, the facial plastic side of things as much, because I thought, I love my mom. I love who she is. I love the way she looks. I've always thought she looked younger and what was going through my head was am I going to see a different mom? Am I going to see a mom that comes back and she looks plastic and she looks made up and she doesn't look like the mom I know,

I thought it was a vain industry. And I knew there was always a place for it. There's traumatic things that happen. And there's great things like that. But when it came up and close personal, my mom, it got a little bit more, it got a little bit more close to home. And so I really didn't want her going to somebody I didn't know, a doctor I didn't know. I didn't know what his experience, but she found somebody online. She found Dr. Hartman and her staff and I wanted her ultimately to make the decision that she needed to make. And so I got the call back, even though I advised against it, saying, "I'm going to go through with this." And I didn't know if that was really going to help, if that was really going to help with confidence and really going to help you feel great. Am I really going to look at my mom and see the mom that I knew?

And I couldn't have been more wrong. And she called me after the procedure. She talked about how she was treated from the first time she made the call, throughout the whole process. And I got to hear about that experience. I got to hear about how she was treated with the flowers and how every part of it felt so personalized. And she was heard, she was known, she was understood and there were no surprises. She said to me, "The value, I got so much more than I even signed up for. I was surprised with little treats along the way. And they treated me..." She said they became like friends to me. She said, "I'm excited when I go and see them." And little things, too. She likes chickens and they brought her eggs and just little personalized things. You get personalized care here.

So when I just saw my mom, I got in on Thursday and this is my first time seeing her since the procedure, and she's just been raving about it. So she said, "Will you come with me?" And I said, "I will come with you." And I remember getting off that plane and seeing her for the first time and saying, "Wow, I still have my mom, but she looks even more beautiful. She looks like my mom,but she looks awesome." And I just remember thinking I couldn't have been more wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong about the industry and even just how she was treated throughout the whole thing and how she looks now. And to see her have that extra step in her stride, that little extra bounce, the smile on her face, the confidence, looking beautiful. I said, "Okay, I'll come meet the physicians and meet the practice." And she was spot on. And I think to give somebody your trust in that way, and they earned every single bit of it. It wasn't just with their words of what they say, but it's in all of the actions, the small actions along the way.

Marina Day: Yes.

Kathleen Day: And that's hard to do. That's really hard to do, but I know that my mom shared with me that they have not only met those, but exceeded those. And she looks fantastic. She feels great. And she feels like she's met a new friend. And so I just wanted to share that for other decision makers. When you're making a decision like this, oftentimes you consult your husband, you consult your kids, you consult your family. And I know to the family out there that that's just as important. And so I would say that this has definitely taught me to be more open-minded about something like this. And I do encourage, if you are one of the family members that is also a part of the decision-making process, that this is a great choice.

Marina Day: Yes.

Kathleen Day: So we recommend Dr. Hartman and his practice and the staff. It's every point of the journey we highly recommend this practice.

Marina Day: Excellence at every turn. Excellence at every turn is how I would sum it up. Exceeds expectations. And this was a perfect fit for me.

Kathleen Day: Love you, mom.

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