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TUMMY TUCK (graphic) Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Thanks for watching! Today’s video is focused on a Tummy Tuck. The patient is completely awake during this procedure and very comfortable. This patient did have bruising but she was able to live a normal life the next day! If you have a weak stomach please do not watch. Comment down below any questions you might have! Don't forget to subscribe!


Speaker 1: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Speaker 2: Today, we're doing a high-definition liposculpting and a tummy tuck. She's got a nice figure, but she's got some stubborn fat that she wants to sculpt away to trim up that figure again. We're going to be sculpting her lateral thighs, so saddle bag, her inner thighs, abdomen area, and her love handles. We're going to be doing it with her awake, which is with tumescent anesthesia. We have Pro-Nox going too, which is a selfadministered nitrous oxide that makes it feel really comfortable and kind of fun. Then tumescent anesthesia is a high-volume saline with lidocaine solution, and she's had a little one milligram of Xanax too.

She's going to be with us. We're going to be talking the whole time. Super comfortable for her. She'll be having kind of a good time with playing some music in there. She can take her walk tomorrow and maybe even a little jog tomorrow. She'll be feeling pretty good tomorrow. She'll be bruised, depending on who she is and how she does. Some people are bruised kind of a lot and other people are not bruised very much, and the bruising is there for a week or two. As far as hot spots, where it might be a little bit uncomfortable, some of those can be there for several weeks afterwards, but most people go back to work in a day or two after this kind of a procedure.

With this kind of procedure, unlike procedures like sculpture or cool sculpting, which take several weeks to start to see the impact, this will be a dramatic impact. It will be apparent when we're done and then even more so in the next few days as the tumescent anesthesia is filtered out of there. This is a pretty exciting day for all of us, especially for our patient, and we're going to have a lot of fun.

This is our liposculpting device by MicroAire, and it reciprocates 3000 times a minute, and it makes the whole process smoother and less bruising and less pain by about 50%.

Speaker 2: Any discomfort at all? We have her marked out, topographical map, so we know we're taking a half an inch here, a quarter inch here, there, sort of like that. That's very precise. We marked out her semilunaris, her rectus muscle. We're going to try to make that look real nice and give that athletic two-pack. She's got Betadine on her. That's what that rust-color stuff is. Betadine keeps everything sterile.

Speaker 4: You look so comfortable.

Speaker 3: Super comfortable. It's just pressure, that's all.

Speaker 5: Does it tickle at all?

Speaker 3: A little bit.

Speaker 2: Sometimes it can tickle right under here.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: When we do fat transfers, we'll use this device too. The fat transfers takes the fat from unwanted places and put it in the breasts for a natural augmentation, for a super, just exactly like a natural breast. I always put it in the face too, grab a little bit of hollowing around the temples or under the eyes. So awesome. Fat lives forever. Whatever's going to survive that 50% or so, it survives. It will stay there forever. We're going to be doing a little tummy tuck. This is a lipoabdominoplasty too. Is this a C-section scar?

Speaker 3: Three of them.

Speaker 2: Oh, so three C-section scars. This way, it's going to hang over. I think it's maybe 10 to 100 times safer to do it patient awake too. She's feeling it a little bit here, so we're going to put a little bit more than tumescent anesthesia. This is a very dilute lidocaine. Lidocaine is what you get at the dentist office, and just putting it in where we're going to be harvesting. You can see a needle under there. We got almost a half a gallon of it in already. A lot. That's why she's as big as she is.

Speaker 3: Yeah, that's why. [crosstalk]. It just jiggles [crosstalk].

Speaker 5: Okay.

Speaker 4: I told him, I was like, "You're going to do lipo for a while."

Speaker 5: [inaudible].

Speaker 2: We'll do the other side.

Speaker 5: [inaudible]. Awesome.

Speaker 3: Yeah, no, I don't feel anything.

Speaker 5: Okay [inaudible]?

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Because she's had those three C-sections, she doesn't have that typical gastric pedicle that we see. We would [inaudible] together. Now we're reapproximating the tummy tuck. We took out the redundant skin. We put in a very deep layer of sutures for the deepest layer. Now, these are the derma layers. Yeah, we're going to pull this upper part in. That's why it looks like I'm not matching that so that we don't get a dog ear [inaudible] here. I took out almost three inches. It's going to really tighten her up.

It went extremely well. We're doing a little bit of hair removal while she's numb and we're doing some CO2 laser on her belly skin too, fractional CO2 laser just to tighten the skin up and make it fresher and thicker and tighter-looking. What we did is remove a triple scar because she had three C-sections, and we replaced it with a scar that's going to fold right into her skin line, very, very nicely closed. And we're going to laser that scar too, at 10 days when she comes in to get those stitches out and again at probably two or three weeks, so that scar, hopefully we can make that disappear.

The CO2 laser makes thousands of tiny little holes through her skin and just helps that, takes the highs and lows out of the scar, just makes it blend almost like if you were a sandblasting a statue or something, just smooth it right out. Tylenol or Motrin's almost certainly all she's going to need, and drink lot of fluids, eat a healthy diet, and light exercises is what's in store for her.

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