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FAT TRANSFER TO THE FACE Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Speaker 1: Right down her rectus abdominal muscle. Kind of feathering it out off the side of that to give her a nice two pack. Got some excess fat here. There's some love handles as well. Right in here it is. Just finishing up. Pretty much done.

So that's it for that. Now, we're going to turn it around and take that fat and give her some volume in her breasts and some volume in her face. So, her face is kind of numb. She's kind of reacting to getting her face numb. But, going to fill in the temples, going to fill in right around her nose a little bit, going to fill in her lips and down in this part of her face and chin and then also give some volume here in the apples of her cheeks and the hollows of her temples. So it's going to look really, really great.

We're going to be giving some volume back to her apples of her cheek, we're going to be putting a little fat in the tear drop. Here's fat from her own body. It has PRP in it. This is a blunt cannula. It's not sharp. That's why we have a little introducer here.

Just going to feather, going to like nows like little toothpicks of fat. That is living fat and will take up residency.

This fat depends on the fat that's already in there to get its blood supply until it can create its own blood supply. The beauty is that the stem cells that help bring in that new blood supply to this new fat will make the skin over top of it look youthful and tight and thick. Little toothpicks. Little tiny toothpicks.

So just to stir up against the fat or muscle that's already in there. Maybe a little bit over corrected because not all of it's going to survive.

Going to be conservative here. Don't want to put too much in. This isn't permanent. That's much natural softer than any other fat. This is where we start to get drawn down. And she could use a little bit of projection in her chin as well.

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