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FAT TRANSFER TO THE BREASTS! Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Thanks for watching! Today’s video is focused on fat transfer to the breasts. This is a quick video showing you the whole process and giving you more information on what to expect if you ever decide to go this route for a breast augmentation. If you have any questions referring to the video today, please comment down below! Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!:)


Speaker 1: Hey, so today we're doing a really cool case. It's going to be fat transfer to the breast. So it's going to be a natural breast augmentation without implants. Really super cool, very natural looking, feeling.

We're going to be harvesting from her belly. She's got some belly fat. She's got some love handle fat that she doesn't like. And what she really doesn't like is this saddlebag on her outer thighs and a little bit inner thigh fat. So we got the tumescent lidocaine solution in her body. It takes about an hour to do, hour and a half to do. She's all prepped and ready to go. She's going to be awake. She's had a little Xanax, Pro-Nox, which is a nitrous oxide solution, and she's going to be very comfortable listening to music and just talking to us the whole time.

She'll be up and around tomorrow, even walking, maybe even jogging tomorrow. Going to have some bruising for a couple of weeks. She's going to have some places that are going to be sore for a couple of weeks or maybe even a month or so that'll be a little bit warmer, kind of sore.

Her incision sites are going to be really, really tiny. We placed them very discreetly in creases in her thigh here, under her butt, and in between her butt crease. Then there's one little one out here right in her bathing suit line that will be about a quarter-inch long and we'll sew those closed and laser those up so those disappear.

She's really excited. It's going to be a fun case and getting ready to go.

Patient did extremely well. She was mostly comfortable the entire time. She had a couple times in there where it was a little bit spicy, but she tolerated it very well, especially with the nitrous oxide. She's just getting cleaned up right now, and she'll be on her way here shortly and be back in about a week, and we'll take the stitches out and lasered up the sites.

I said before, she could work out a little bit tomorrow, at least take a walk tomorrow, and we'll be in touch, she and I, daily, texting to make sure everything's going well.

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