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First Responder and Healthcare Worker Giveaway Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Fine Arts Skin and Laser is honoring First Responder's and Healthcare Worker's in a ColorScience Giveaway!


Speaker 1: Hey, on behalf of all of us here at Fine Arts Skin & Laser, we want take this time to thank our first responders, the firemen, the police department, the people in the emergency room who are treating people with COVID-19 and putting their own lives at risk and their family's health at risk to do so. So, what's happened is you all have nominated your first responders and today we're going to draw their name and I'm going to draw a name out of there today. I don't know who it's going to be. There we go. This is it. Here we go. It's exciting, drum roll. Chey Banks, the second. Chey Banks, who's the winner. Yay. Good job Chey. Thanks everybody. Chey, this is what you've won today. This is from Colorescience. This is a limited edition Refresh & Renew, and there's a lot of cool stuff on there. I'm just going to show you what that is. And you've won the sun protection duo, this is a SPF 35 for your lips and skin to keep you from getting sun damaged and skin cancer. And that's what that is Chey. Good job.

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