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I 'm David Hartman, owner of Fine Arts Skin & Laser. Just want to take a minute and tell you what are the services that we offer here. First off though, we have the best staff. They're super friendly, super knowledgeable. They'll love on you, and I 'm sure you'll get to love and appreciate them. So that's a great thing. It's beautiful office here. 70 paintings that have been restored from three centuries. A lot of with that. So spotlight experience. We do terrific brow lifts, face lifts, eyelid surgery that featured in national magazines. New Beauty as routinely has us in their before and afters and their showcase procedures, as well as their video and online stuff.

We do fat transfers through breast and butt that are really, really natural looking, augmentation or restoration of breasts with the sculpting of the body at the same time. Our procedures can be done most of the time awake and without general anesthesia. So it's a really quick recovery and our estheticians are terrific. So for any kind of hyper- facial or facials or dermaplaning, they're the people to see for that. They take great care of you. Really terrific people. And then finally, we have a full menu of lasers for reds and browns and fine lines and wrinkles of your face, scar improvement, acne improvement. So those are things that we offer as well. So thanks for giving us a look and hope to see here.

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From the wonders of cellular rejuvenation to the play of light and shadow on the contours of your face, we embrace aesthetic care as an art form. We want you to shine in your own skin and are here to show you what is possible when art and science come together. We are passionate about our calling and work tirelessly to bring you the safest and most revolutionary treatments available, delivered in a state-of-the-art facility by highly-skilled, compassionate professionals. Call to schedule your consultation today, and step into a life lived more beautifully.