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Daytime Columbus Interview with Dr. Hartman Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hartman discusses Fat transfers using BeautiFill and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


Robyn Haines:

The battle against body fat is never- ending. I f you're one of those people who've looked in the mirror and wondered why the weight gain always seems to find that one spot, then this segment is for you. What if you could move it to another part of your body? Yeah, it's called a living fat transfer, and it's fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures.

And Dr. David M. Hartman, the owner of Fine Art Skin and Laser joining me today with his vast knowledge of all that is aesthetic plastic surgery. Good to have you, Dr. Hartman.

Dr. David M. Hartman: Thank you. I 'm very excited to be here.

Robyn Haines: First tell us, since you're new to Daytime, a little about yourself and about your practice.

Dr. David M. Hartman: So I 'm the owner of Fine Art Skin and Laser in Dover, Ohio. We're a boutique customized facial plastic surgery practice, but we do a lot of body sculpting as well. That's probably our big thrust today. And we have an amazing staff here. That's the one thing you should definitely know about our practice. Everybody's really, really friendly and really on top of their game and very knowledgeable. Our staff has had everything done so they can talk with experience about anything.

Robyn Haines: Yeah. You're talking about this new procedure called the Beauti Fill, and it's so interesting to me. So tell me a little about it.

Dr. David M. Hartman: Right. I mean, for decades, we were like, "Oh, I wish I could take fat from where I don't want it and put it where I do." Well, Beauti Fill allows us to harvest living fat in the perfect size globules and then put it back in into places where we want it. So we take it from where we don't, say our tummy or our love handles or our lateral thighs, and then we can weave it back in to give volume to the temples or under the eyes. We can give a breast enlargement without implants. I t looks very, very natural, it has no animation, deformity. I t looks beautiful. People give some little projection to their buttocks. Or sometimes people, they want to just have smoother backs of their hands. And this living fat can be put in, survives forever, and does an amazing job of restoring beauty and youth and vitality.

Robyn Haines: What are some of the benefits of that?

Dr. David M. Hartman: Right, yeah. So there's no rejection. There's nothing artificial. re's no artificial fillers. There are no implants. It can be put in absolutely smoothly and perfectly. In fact, it brings stem cell response to the skin, to the overlying skin. I f you could look at our before and afters, looks way better within a few weeks after the new fat is in. Because the stem cells and new blood supply that come in to support those new fat cells makes the skin over the top of the tissue, over the top of it, look just more alive and more youthful in itself. So it's great. I t wears forever. So it's not like a filler that's going to wear off. It's not like an implant that needs to be replaced in 10 years. It's just, it wears and looks beautiful. And plus, you actually get the other benefit of where you harvested the fat from. So if people have some stubborn fat on the tummy, like I said, or bra roll that they just don't like, I mean, we can just sculpt that off there really, really nicely. And so, you get a double win.

Robyn Haines: A lot of people are asking too, because we're all wearing face masks, they're looking at their upper face a lot more closely. So are you seeing that kind of increase in popularity?

Dr. David M. Hartman: Yeah. So I mean, I just came out of a consultation about that, and she's worried about her upper face. So there are things that we can do. We're going to do a little fat transfer to her temples and do a little blepharoplasty under the hooding on her lids. But yeah, so those are things that people are now concerned about in the Zoom age or the mask age. I mean, this is all we see, right? So we really want that to look good. People are on Zoom more so they're experiencing what it looks like to look at their face more. And so those are considerations that people have. And the other thing is, people have more downtime now, honestly. So this is the time that people are getting certain things done that they want to get done.

Robyn Haines: And David, as far as the recovery for that, what is the process like? And what should somebody put into perspective for when planning to do this?

Dr. David M. Hartman: Robyn, those are perfect questions. That's what people want to know. So yes, so recovery is very quick. Most people, 50 - 70 % of people go back to their routine the next day. Many people leave here and go out and do their errands. So it's usually a very quick recovery, and partly because we do it, in our office, completely awake. So there's no narcotics, there's no general anesthesia, it's done with Pro- Nox, which is nitrous oxide, laughing gas, and then tumescent generalized lidocaine that we just flood into the area we're going to do and then we suck it out. So it's a really, really quick recovery. There could be some bruising. Some people have e bruising. 20 % have a lot of bruising. 20 % of people have zero bruising. But the recovery is really, really fast. Now that's not to say that there couldn't be some area that's going to be a little sore for a few weeks, because that can happen too. But generally, people go back to their routine the next day.

Robyn Haines: It sounds amazing. I t sounds like obviously something that is just up and coming, and a lot more people are going to be doing in the coming years. So you can definitely go to fineartskinandlaser. com to learn more, to connect with David, and find out all about their practice as well. So Dr. Hartman, thank you so much for being with us.

Dr. David M. Hartman.: Thank you, Robyn. It was fun.

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