Joanna Rafeld

Joanna Rafeld

Education /Experience: I have been a Registered Nurse for 5 years and also work in the Emergency Department when I’m not working at Fine Arts Skin and Laser.

Why Fine Arts: After being a patient myself I witnessed first hand the passionate and extraordinary care that Dr. Hartman and his team provided. As a nurse, I felt like I was missing a crucial part of my career but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. Incorporating beauty and skin with health, and medicine has fulfilled my desire to help people love themselves inside and out.

Family: I am a mom to 4 children, two dogs, and lots of chickens.

Hobbies: I enjoy fishing and traveling across the country to learn different bodies of water and styles of fishing. My passion is catfishing and teaching other women and children how to target trophy sized catfish.

What matters: Family, friends, and helping others. I enjoy making people laugh and hope to brighten at least one person’s life every day.

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