Inmode Triton Laser Hair Removal

Inmode Triton Laser Hair Removal

Multi-wavelength Hair Removal Device

Triton is a multi-wavelength workstation and the only hair removal option with three of the most popular wavelengths in one platform. Triton uses Fusion Technology to address hair removal for all skin types.

The medley combination of wavelengths in the device provides for hair removal at different stages of the hair growth cycle. Hairs deep in the scalp and skin can be treated at the same time as newly developing follicles. Patients can see greater results in fewer sessions.

Laser hair removal devices in the past were required to lower peak power or increase pulse width to reduce the possibility of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH in darker skin. With the Triton and its ability to use a combination of wavelengths, hair removal can be done without giving up the treatment parameters.

With the InMode Triton, more patient concerns can be taken care of with this safe, innovative, and unique platform.

Using Triton Duo Light, a broad range of hairs for light-skin patients can be treated and removed.

Triton Duo Dark maximizes safety on darker skin tones, including skin type VI. Duo Dark does not lose efficacy even when used on dark skin.

Is Hair Removal with the Triton painful?

Laser hair removal technologies target hair follicles with tiny high-heat laser beams. You will feel the heat, but it is not painful. You may feel like your skin is being snapped with a rubber band, and mild discomfort after the procedure is a possibility.
inmode Triton Laser Hair Removal
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