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Review from J.M.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 28, 2021

WHAT TO DO WITH HANGING FAT In 2020, my Bill lost 60 pounds. He was left with a flap of fat drooping over his belt. Exercise had no effect -- the extra skin continued to hang. Bill's forehead lines had grown deep. Looking for the perfect 17th anniversary gift for him, I surprised Bill with a Dr. Hartman consultation. The following week, Dr. Hartman performed a major tummy tuck with beaucoup liposuction on Bill, all done awake. Bill walked out after his tummy tuck procedure: his hanging flap of fat was gone and his abdomen was firm. On that same day, and also while awake, Dr. Hartman lifted Bill's brow, completely obliterating Bill's decades-worth of forehead wrinkles. Dr. Hartman performed these procedures with ease and skill. Despite that Dr. Hartman removed a ginormous chuck of belly fat, Bill had no pain during the surgeries and no pain at home. Bill looks 20 years younger. No one can tell he's had surgery. Friends peer closely at Bill, searching for that which is different about him: new haircut, hipper glasses? I can see them thinking: what is it? Bill looks fabulously youthful but no one can tell why. Dr. Hartman's surgery has greatly increased Bill's self-confidence and body image. Dr. Hartman and his staff made Bill's tummy tuck and brow lift surgery an easy and affordable procedure. More

Review from A.R.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 16, 2021

It has been years since I have been treated by Dr. Hartman. I had a terrible experience over the course of 12-14 months. A friend had a similar experience, prompting me to re-evaluate the situation and left me feeling the need to leave a review. I suffer from allergies and chronic sinus issues. I also have a slightly deviated septum. I experienced terrible bedside manner. I had a scope from my nose down my throat…. Yanked out, very painfully. He encouraged surgery, suggesting I cosmetically needed a nose job. When asked if their were alternatives to surgery I was told that I could put Carmex chapstick in my nose (to treat damaged cartilage?!?!) The visit that he pulled the scope out so forcefully was on the day he was leaving for vacation. He rushed me, did not answer questions and was rude. I had been nervous so my husband had gone in with me. He was outraged that I had been treated so disrespectfully. Like a fool I continued to be seen for weekly allergy shots that did not relieve any of my symptoms. Honestly, I felt they only got worse. I hate that I was a fool and was seen by him as long as I did. The only reason I gave two stars was because the ladies in the office were always very kind to me. More

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