Q&A: Ideal Candidate for a Facelift & Browlift?

Dr. Hartman discusses who is the right candidate for a Facelift & Browlift.


Speaker 1: Who's an ideal candidate for a facelift? Someone who has specific and realistic goals. They have some issues of aging that are bothersome for them. They have some jowling. They have some looseness of their neck. They have the soft tissue and fat pads are coming off of their cheeks and down into their neck and giving them sort of maybe a tired or a look that doesn't fit their inner energy.

Someone who can take a week off of work and not be upset about it, someone who has a little bit of support at home for the first couple of days, healthy enough that they can tolerate a procedure that's done the way we do ours, awake with light sedation to mess with anesthesia. It's much safer. It's much healthier that way. You can even participate in some of the decisions that way. We love awake procedures. Those are what we need for an ideal facelift candidate.