Q&A with Dr. David Hartman; Is it Safe to Awake During LipoSculpting?

Dr. Hartman discusses how safe is it to have LipoSculpting while being awake.


Speaker 1:... heard about being awake for a liposculpting procedure and a fat transfer procedure. And so, there is some misconceptions about it because our experience with fat transfer is that it's a much, much safer procedure while you're awake because we don't have to put you to sleep, so we're able to watch what you're doing. You're able to watch your own body while things are happening. We can move you around very easily to get just the very best sculpting and transfer procedure that way. You don't have to be intubated. You don't have the nausea and vomiting when you wake up.

Speaker 1: So, it really has found to be by many factors of safety much easier and on a much better recovery awake. It's very comfortable. There may be a little spiciness here and there when especially getting started and getting the tumescent in there, but with the Pro-Nox device, which is nitrous oxide, in many ways it's really sort of a euphoria while that's happening, too. So, we keep it fun and light here, and this also keeps it safer and better and with a easier recovery.