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Apply Electromagnetic Energy to Improve Confidence and Address Incontinence in Ohio

Urinary incontinence may be a subject few people like to talk about, but it is a reality for many. Women who have experienced childbirth, gone through menopause, or are simply getting older may find that they have small “accidents” when they sneeze, laugh, or engage in certain exercises, such as jump roping or jogging. With nonsurgical Emsella® at Ohio’s Fine Arts Skin and Laser, these women can enjoy physical improvement and more peace of mind—all without surgery. An increase in “sexual wellness” is another benefit of Emsella®, as many patients experience increases in sexual pleasure, sexual muscle tone, and genital blood flow with Emsella® treatments.

The underlying causes of so-called “stress incontinence” are weakened pelvic floor muscles. These crucial support structures can be stretched out, grow lax, and become unable to properly aid in bladder control. Strengthening these muscles to restore support can help the problem.

Who is a Good Candidate for Emsella®?

Emsella® is ideal for women of all ages—especially those who have had more children and who are dealing with the effects of incontinence due to pelvic floor laxity. The treatment is suitable for patients of any age for the enhancement of sexual wellness. Men interested in discussing Emsella® for urinary incontinence and sexual wellness can also request a consultation to learn whether this solution would be right for them.

Other Uses for High-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy

In addition to Emsella®, Dr. David Hartman has brought EMsculpt® to Fine Arts Skin & Laser. This treatment works the same way: It uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate contractions and strengthen muscle. Instead of the pelvic floor, however, this treatment targets the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs to tone and shape them.

How Does Emsella® Work?

In the past, the best way to build muscle was to exercise. Routine contractions actually damage muscle fibers, prompting natural processes to repair the tissue. This causes the muscles to become denser and stronger.

Emsella® serves as an alternative to exercise—such as “Kegels”—by applying high-frequency electromagnetic energy to the targeted muscles. This energy triggers thousands of contractions and corresponding improvement in strength and tone and amounts to doing approximately 11,200 Kegels in 28 minutes.

For the treatment itself, you remain fully clothed throughout the session. Patients sit on a throne-like seat that delivers the high-frequency electromagnetic energy up and into the pelvic floor. A single session takes about half an hour. Ideal results take six sessions, twice a week, for three weeks.

Some women have described the tingling sensation and rapid contractions as “odd,” but well-tolerable and even relaxing. Patients are encouraged to read a book or magazine while the Emsella® seat does its work.


What Happens After an Emsella® Treatment?

Since there are no incisions, injections, or sutures, patients who choose Emsella® are free to get right back to their typical daily activities following a session.


While some improvement may be observed after one treatment, you can expect the pelvic floor-strengthening results to continue to improve over the following weeks. Bladder control will increase, leading to fewer accidents and improved self-confidence.

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