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Women's Health

For Dover, OH women, our team at Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers numerous women's health treatments for restored wellness. For those dealing with incontinence or muscle laxity, we provide EMSELLA treatments, which use high-frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions. Additionally, we perform laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments to enhance sexual health.

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BioTE® hormone therapy can help reduce the effects of aging, boost energy levels, improve sexual health, and enhance your overall wellness.

EMSELLA is an innovative treatment that uses advanced electromagnetic energy to treat urinary incontinence, muscle laxity, and poor circulation.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation, using Alma FemiLift, is a noninvasive procedure designed to improve vaginal laxity and enhance sexual function.

Female sexual health treatment with Alma Duo™ technology can help to enhance sexual function and increase libido in Dover, OH women.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Dover, OH, uses advanced Alma Duo™ technology for low-intensity shockwave therapy to enhance sexual health.