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Although your eyelashes are often an afterthought when it comes to rejuvenating your facial features, having thin lashes can take attention away from your eye area. At Fine Arts Skin & Laser, our FDA-approved LATISSE® treatments can create fuller, longer, darker lashes, and subtly enhance your eye area without any invasive or surgical treatments.

Who Is A Candidate For LATISSE®?

Anyone who has thin eyelashes and wants to achieve longer, fuller lashes is a candidate for LATISSE. However, there are a few conditions that a candidate must meet, including:

  • Being in good overall health
  • Getting a prescription from a qualified professional like Dr. Hartman
  • Having realistic expectations about your results
  • Don't have any pre-existing eye conditions
  • Aren't pregnant or lactating

LATISSE is a prescription medication, and during your consultation at Fine Arts Skin & Laser, we will ask you about your medical history to avoid any complications and ensure the best results possible.

What is LATISSE®?

Having thin eyelashes is a common condition, and many people resort to wearing false lashes or applying makeup every day to make them appear fuller, darker, and longer. LATISSE® is a prescription solution that stimulates your natural lash growth without any messy adhesives or makeup smudges.

How Does LATISSE® Work?

LATISSE® is prescribed at our Dover office but is applied at home as part of your regular nightly routine. It is a user-friendly, safe process that includes multiple steps:

  • Before use, be sure to cleanse your face of any makeup and remove contact lenses for best results
  • Remove a sterile applicator from its tray and hold it horizontally. Apply a single drop of LATISSE® solution to the area closest to the tip but not directly on the tip
  • Draw the applicator slowly along the upper lash line, moving from the inner part of the lashes to the outside. Do not apply to the lower eyelashes
  • Blot any excess solution with a tissue
  • Dispose of the applicator and remove the second applicator from the tray for the other eye, repeating the above steps

How Long Should I Use LATISSE®?

Although many patients begin to see visible results in length after four weeks and darkness after about eight weeks, patients should continue treatment for the recommended 16 weeks to achieve optimal results. After 16 weeks, it is important to remember that once treatment with LATISSE® is stopped, your eyelashes will gradually return to their normal state.


This effective, clinically proven eyelash treatment has a high rate of patient satisfaction and typically has no adverse side effects when applied correctly and carefully. Our medical team can review the treatment steps with you to ensure that you achieve fuller, longer, darker lashes with minimal risk of side effects.

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