Power-assisted Liposuction in Dover, OH

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Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL®)

MicroAire Reduces Discomfort, Bruising, and Procedure Time, and Improves Beauty and Contouring for Fat-Reduction.


Liposuction has a long history, with physicians contributing research and innovations for decades to improve the fat-sculpting process, making it as safe, effective, and comfortable as possible. One of the more recent developments is Power-Assisted Liposuction, known as PAL®. Ohio’s David Hartman, MD, uses MicroAire’s PAL® system at Fine Arts Skin & Laser to perform minimally invasive surgical fat reduction, reducing the procedure time for patients and improving the overall recovery process.

When it comes to fat reduction procedures, Dr. Hartman focuses on sculpting body contours that look natural and complement the surrounding features. PAL® allows him to devote less attention to the equipment and more attention to the fat and surrounding tissue itself.

How Does PAL® Work?

All fat must first be freed before it can be removed from the body. Traditional liposuction techniques involve the surgeon firming up the targeted tissue with a special anesthetic solution, then inserting and manually manipulating a wand, known as a cannula, that serves to loosen fat cells and doubles as the tube through which they are suctioned out. PAL® by MicroAire adds precision and speed with a powered back-and-forth motion. Instead, the wand gently but rapidly vibrates (reciprocates), which makes it easier to move it through tissue. The vibrations also allow for greater control on the part of the surgeon. This translates to more detailed sculpting.

PAL® can be used to reduce localized fat deposits on the belly, buttocks, hips, flanks, thighs, legs, ankles, back, arms, neck, and breasts—for both women and men. Once freed, the fat cells are suctioned out, as usual. The gentle procedure can be used to ensure a good number of the cells remain intact, which is crucial if they are intended for a fat transfer procedure, such as a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, or natural facial re-volumization.

Recovering After PAL®

The PAL® method of surgical fat reduction reduces damage to vessels in the targeted tissue, which results in less bleeding, bruising, and post-procedural discomfort. Typical recovery periods after liposuction can involve weeks of healing. This is reduced by PAL®—though patients should still expect some soreness and related side effects, as well as some days devoted to recovery. Dr. Hartman can outline the expected timeline, as well as other details, at a personalized consultation.

Other Body Contouring Options

Some patients who are not ready for fat-reduction surgery may opt instead for non-surgical SculpSure®, which uses lasers that pass through the surface of the skin—making incisions unnecessary.

Somewhere between traditional techniques and the non-invasive method is Smartlipo® Triplex®, which involves minimal incisions and carefully targeted laser energy to “melt” fat and tighten lax skin for a sleeker look.

PAL® can also be used to enhance and refine the results of other body surgery options, such as a tummy tuck.

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