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ProcedureWho is a Good Candidate for EMsculpt®?


EMsculpt® is not a weight-loss device. Nonsurgical treatment is designed for “detail work.” Men and women who are already lean, but who want to build more clearly defined muscles, are the ideal candidates for this treatment.

The best way to determine whether EMsculpt® would be a good choice for you is to schedule a treatment or free consultation at Fine Arts Skin and Laser and explain your cosmetic goals. This will also allow us to determine whether an EMsculpt® treatment would be a good fit.

Use Electromagnetic Energy to Build Muscle and Tone the Belly, Buttocks, Legs, and Arms in Ohio


A truly sculpted physique requires two things: minimal fat and significant muscle. While diet and exercise are important for anyone seeking a tight and toned body, sometimes the ideal shape remains just out of reach. With EMsculpt® at Ohio’s Fine Arts Skin and Laser, men and women alike can get that extra “edge” to improve definition on the belly, buttocks, and arms.

These three areas are among the most common on the body where people want specific contouring help. Both men and women enjoy the firmer, flatter look of strong abdominal muscles. Sculpted arms typically appeal more to men who want more biceps and triceps definition; tight and toned buttocks, thighs, and calves are often the choice for women who want a backside “lift.”


How Does EMsculpt® Work?

Emsculpt DetailSit-ups, squats, and arm curls are known for building muscle. The repetitive exercises cause the muscles to contract, gradually building muscle tissue that grows increasingly visible. Muscle size, strength, and definition improve over time.

EMsculpt® works in much the same way. However, instead of using physical motion to work out the targeted muscles, EMsculpt® stimulates them with high-frequency electromagnetic energy. This causes tens of thousands of strong contractions in a single half-hour session. These “supramaximal” contractions are involuntary and far, far more than you could accomplish on your own during even a particularly punishing workout session.

The result is an increase in muscle mass to the treated area after six easy treatments: 23 percent, on average. There’s also a 27 percent average decrease in fat in the treated area, since the hyper-stimulated, hard-working muscles overtax nearby fat cells, leading to a reduction in fat cell numbers and an overall reduction in fat volume! This further improves the definition in the treated area, since there is less fat to obscure and “soften” the look of the underlying muscles.

Ideal results require multiple treatments. Typically, that means four to six sessions, each spaced as close as two to three days apart. You can lie still during the treatment, leaving the EMsculpt® device to get your muscles to do all the work. Six treatments to the abs result in the abdominal sculpting equivalent of 20,000 crunches.

This treatment has been studied extensively and is very safe and effective, having been cleared by the FDA for toning and firming abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs, calves, and arms. Since the EMsculpt® device has come on the market, there have been no reported adverse reactions.

Why are people saying “yes” to EMsculpt®?

The efficacy and safety have been tested in thirteen clinical studies by the most reputable scientific methods (MRI, CT, US, and Histology).

World's First Buttock Lifting Clinical Studies No Downtime

What Happens After an EMsculpt® Treatment?

After each EMsculpt® session, you will feel like you just enjoyed an intense workout. You may be a little sore, but there is no need for special recovery protocols or downtime. You can go right back to your daily activities, letting your body naturally build muscle tissue as you go about your business. The treatment sessions may be intense, but are, nevertheless, considered comfortable.

While you will feel a difference right away, visible results often appear roughly two to four weeks after your final EMsculpt® session. The tighter, more toned look will continue to improve in the following weeks.

More Body Sculpting Options

Dr. David Hartman wants to provide choices for a wide range of patients who want slimmer, more athletic-looking body contours. He also offers WarmSculpting™ to reduce fat, EndyMed or TriPolar radiofrequency contouring and skin tightening, and Precision Smartlipo® laser liposculpting.

On the surgical side, high-definition, power-assisted LipoSculpting can quickly and comfortably sculpt multiple body areas (abs, thighs, love handles, bra-fat, arms, knees, chin). Your harvested fat can then be strategically placed “back in” in the form of a “living fat transfer” to provide a beautiful, “non-implant breast augmentation/lift,” a “Brazilian butt lift,” or “living fat transfer to the face” to restore youthful softness around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and temples. Peri-areolar (minimal-scar) breast lifts and tummy tucks can restore smoothness by removing loose and sagging excess skin.



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