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Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat Transfer Butt Lift for an Athletic-Looking Rear View in Ohio

An increasingly popular procedure, buttock augmentation with fat grafting is designed to add volume and/or projection to your “rear view” to make it rounder, fuller, and even perkier. Plastic surgeons throughout the United States have reported a rise in interest in this procedure in recent years, revealing that an increasing number of women are choosing what is informally known as a Brazilian butt lift.

While there are various augmentation techniques available to plastic surgeons, the Brazilian butt lift specifically uses a patient’s own fat cells, harvested from elsewhere on the body where there are enough to spare—or even a surplus. The ultimate result is a more athletic-looking, curvier backside.

What Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Include?

Because a Brazilian butt lift is a living fat transfer procedure, the first step is to gather that fat for transfer. Dr. Hartman accomplishes this with liposuction, performed to harvest the necessary cells but also as part of a larger body surgery package intended to slim down other areas, such as the “muffin top” of the lower abdomen, outer- or inner-thighs, “love handles” of the waist, “double chin,” or “bra fat” of the upper back. Generally, a combination of several donor site areas is chosen where there are abundant fat cells.

Fat cells do not float freely beneath the skin but are fixed in place, and so require loosening prior to removal. A standalone liposuction procedure may be performed via SmartLipo® Triplex®, which uses a laser to rupture the fat cells, creating a liquid that is easily suctioned out via small incisions. This technique is not suitable for fat transfer surgery, however, since the fat cells needed for a Brazilian butt lift must remain whole and intact throughout the process.

To harvest fat for transfer for a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Hartman uses the tumescent technique, which involves the injection of a special solution made up of sterile fluid, an anesthetic, and medication to constrict blood vessels. Combined, this solution causes the targeted tissue to become firm. After making precise, tiny incisions, Dr. Hartman then inserts a specialized wand called a cannula into the tissue, gently moving it back and forth to separate the fat cells. He takes great care to not damage them during this loosening step, as well as while suctioning them out.

The living fat cells are then refined, which separates them from any blood or other materials that may have been removed along with them. This Brazilian butt lift process is the same process Dr. Hartman uses for natural fat transfer breast augmentation—which can be part of the same procedure.

The refined cells are then injected into the buttocks, always with an eye for consistency and proportion. Patients choosing a Brazilian butt lift should be sure to work with a doctor who has an eye for detailed lipo sculpting.

There is no risk of allergy or rejection like an implant might have, because the body is already used to its own cells.

What Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Do?

Buttocks come in a range of shapes and sizes—and they can change over time. What was once round and perky can become flat as time goes by and fat diminishes and shifts. If volume loss also leaves excess skin that does not naturally tighten and conform to new contours, buttocks can also sag like a deflated balloon.

Fortunately, reintroducing volume can take flat to round and sagging to perky.

By injecting fat cells into the buttocks, a plastic surgeon can fill out the tissue once again to restore its projection and roundness. A Brazilian butt lift can also be used to give volume to patients who never before had it in their backside.

No matter a patient’s reason for choosing a Brazilian butt lift, it is important to select a doctor who has the experience and is skilled in the minimally invasive techniques necessary to create smooth, well-proportioned contours. Dr. Hartman approaches each patient as a unique individual and tailors the procedure to provide custom results that complement the rest of the body.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Anyone who wants a more shapely and toned backside can request a consultation for a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Hartman at Fine Arts Skin & Laser. Ideal patients are healthy patients, at or near their ideal body weight, who want to address flat or sagging buttocks and who have enough fat elsewhere on the body to serve as donor cells.

Recovering After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Not surprisingly, patients tend to feel tender in their backsides after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. You will also notice some tenderness, swelling, and bruising at the donor site.

The initial recovery period may last up to 2 weeks. Brazilian butt lift patients should, however, begin light activity the next day, and generally return to work/routine activities of the 2nd or 3rd day after the procedure. It is advised to refrain from strenuous activities for 3 weeks.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation Cost

Specific costs are best discussed after a private consultation with Dr. Hartman, but in general, patients who choose to combine this minimally invasive surgery with other procedures such as fat-transfer breast augmentation can get a discount that lowers the cost of each component.

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