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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Environ Cool Peels

Dr. David M. Hartman | 05/27/2020

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There are plenty of anti-aging treatments available on the market today that claim to rejuvenate your skin for a healthy, youthful-looking appearance. However, Environ Cool Peels are a great option. These peels can invigorate the skin in just one single treatment without any surgery, injections, or lengthy downtime. 

Environ Cool Peels can erase the visible signs of aging and various other unwanted skin conditions in a non-surgical manner through the use of a specialized peeling system. They are termed “cool peel” because a lower concentration of acid is used for a longer time to give the same effects as conventional peels. These peels come in a variety of different types and strengths. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Environ Cool Peels. They are completely tailored to meet the needs of the individual. This allows for a more customized treatment experience that is designed to address your specific skincare needs while also rejuvenating your skin. Because cool peels use a lower concentration of acid, there is minimal downtime. This flexible system provides a subtle and natural-looking result while revitalizing the skin from the inside out. 

Depending on your goals, you may benefit from more than one peel treatment. Often times, these peels can be combined with other treatments for optimal results. 

During your consultation at Fine Arts Skin and Laser, you can learn more about Environ Cool Peels and how they can rejuvenate your skin. Find out details about what results from you can expect and what you can do to optimize your treatment. Achieving smooth, beautiful skin may be a whole lot simpler than you once thought. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office located in Dover, OH. 

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