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Is Weight Loss Required Before BeautiFill® Fat Transfer?

Dr. David M. Hartman | 11/30/2021

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The BeautiFill fat transfer procedure is one of the most exciting plastic surgery solutions because it can easily move more volume to where you need it most. With BeautiFill, you can have a portion of your natural fat tissue transferred to another part of your body to add volume. This innovative procedure is safe and doesn’t trigger allergic reactions because it uses your natural fat tissue. Dr. David M. Hartman and the experts at Fine Arts Skin and Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Dover, OH are excited to provide this service for our patients.

How does the BeautiFill fat transfer work?

BeautiFill fat transfer is a laser-based fat grafting procedure that can add more volume to those problem areas that need it the most. It heats the fat cells in one part of the body and liquefies them. A small incision is made in the targeted area to harvest the liquefied fat. The harvested living fat is purified and then injected into the tissue where you require the extra volume. The practice can take fat from the abdomen, knees, chin, neck, or thighs. The fat can then be injected into areas, like the breasts or buttocks, although other parts of the body could benefit too.

What about weight loss?

While the BeautiFill practice can be useful, it only works when you are near your desired weight. The transferred fat cells in your body will experience the same effects as other fat cells. Substantial weight loss can cause you to lose fat tissues in the areas that were augmented through the earlier procedure.

Dr. Hartman and the experts at Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Dover, OH recommend you plan your weight loss efforts well before requesting a fat grafting procedure. In addition to preserving the graft, you’ll also make it easier for us to gather the fat tissue from other parts of your body.

How do I maintain my fat transfer results?

You’ll also need to maintain a stable weight through diet and exercise after the procedure to preserve the results of the fat transfer. The treated area could develop excess fat tissue if you gain more weight.

It also takes a while for the transferred fat cells to adapt to the new area of your body. Losing excess weight after the procedure could put the deposited fat cells at risk of shifting or otherwise weakening.

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