Get Younger-Looking Skin with Sculptra®

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Volume loss is a normal and natural part of aging, but it can cause problems like hollow areas in the temples, mid-face, and cheeks. Now the certified medical providers at Fine Arts Skin & Laser are excited to offer Sculptra, a unique collagen biostimulator that works with your body to replenish lost collagen and restore fullness to your face.

Sculptra injections are far preferable to invasive procedures because treatment is easy and requires little to no downtime. Learn the benefits of cosmetic injectables during an anti-aging consultation in Dover, OH. Our providers can review your options and recommend the best anti-aging products moving forward.

Causes of volume loss

Volume loss is caused by a gradual decrease in collagen production as we age. This protein is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness which make us appear young. When we lose essential collagen, our skin becomes thinner and starts to sag. Areas in the mid-face are particularly susceptible to this issue.

Other causes of volume loss include weight fluctuations. Your features may appear hollow or sunken even if you lose a moderate amount of weight. Though cosmetic surgery or implants may seem like the only way to restore missing volume, however, Sculptra provides long-lasting results without going under the knife.

Benefits of Sculptra injections

Sculptra is a one-of-a-kind collagen biostimulator made from poly-L-lactic acid that provides results by encouraging new collagen production. Fine Arts Skin & Laser can administer this anti-aging treatment in strategic areas based on your needs and goals. Some well-known benefits of Sculptra in Dover, OH include:

  • Safe treatment: Since Sculptra is derived from a substance already found in your body, there is little risk of allergic reaction or unwanted side effects.

  • Long-lasting results: Studies show Sculptra will last at least two years based on the amount of product used and where it is placed. Its collagen-stimulating properties also provide long-term benefits.

  • Natural-looking results: Sculptra provides subtle yet noticeable outcomes that appear natural and not "fake" or “overdone.”

What is Sculptra treatment like?

Fine Arts Skin & Laser may perform Sculptra treatment on the same day as your consultation. Our team members begin by cleaning the injection site and numbing the area with a local anesthetic. We then skillfully administer Sculptra into areas of volume loss.

Most patients require a series of four sessions spaced about three weeks apart for optimal results. Appointments for Sculptra only take about 30 minutes to complete. You can return to normal activities immediately afterward.

How many years younger will I look after treatment?

You should have realistic expectations before any cosmetic procedure, including Sculptra injections. That being said, Sculptra may take several years off your appearance. In addition, while you will see immediate results for the first 24 hours, the product will be reabsorbed into the body and then gradually build collagen over the next 3 – 6 months. Patients can prolong their results by coming in for follow-up sessions as recommended.

Try Sculptra for younger-looking skin

Even minor signs of volume loss impact the way you feel about yourself. Sculptra is an excellent way to restore volume and appear youthful again. Call now to speak with the certified medical providers at Fine Arts Skin & Laser and see what Sculptra injections can do for you in Dover, OH. Our providers can help you achieve natural anti-aging results without surgery.

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