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Can Laser Hair Removal With Soprano ICE Platinum Work For All Skin Types?

Dr. David M. Hartman | 12/06/2022

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Do you have excess body hair that makes you feel self-conscious? When waxing and other traditional methods are not ideal, consider laser hair removal with the advanced Soprano® ICE Platinum. This revolutionary system uses contact cooling to make laser treatments safe and virtually painless for people of all skin types.

Fine Arts Skin & Laser is proud to use top-of-the-line equipment no matter your cosmetic goals. Discover the benefits of Soprano ICE Platinum and how this unique system works by calling for a consultation in Dover, OH. See why we are a top provider of laser hair removal and other procedures today.

Laser hair removal: is it worth it?

Waxing is tedious and irritates the skin, while shaving only addresses hair at the surface level. Laser hair removal provides smoother and longer-lasting results than more conventional methods. During treatment, a laser sends light energy to the base of each follicle. The damaged follicle is then unable to produce hair growth.

Soprano ICE Platinum is a cutting-edge system that uses three different laser wavelengths in one device for maximum results. Most people report seeing a significant reduction in hair growth after treatment. A series of laser hair removal sessions at Fine Arts Skin & Laser is the perfect way to enjoy soft skin all year long with minimal maintenance.

Is my skin type ideal for laser hair removal?

Some people are nervous about laser treatments because they are concerned about skin discoloration or scarring. This is why a consultation at Fine Arts Skin & Laser is an essential part of the process. Our team employs certified professionals who can evaluate your skin and ensure your safety.

Rest assured that with Soprano ICE Platinum in Dover, OH laser hair removal is an excellent choice for all skin types. We can manage excess body hair with minimal side effects, including in ultra-sensitive areas like the face, underarms, and bikini lines.

What if I'm concerned about pain?

Your technician will apply a numbing ointment to help prevent any discomfort during treatment. The unique cooling system present in the Soprano ICE Platinum device also protects your skin from getting too hot. You may feel a slight tingling sensation as we target each hair follicle, but this is very minimal and usually fades into a feeling of warmth. Most people even find laser hair removal less painful than waxing or tweezing.

What happens after laser hair removal

Fine Arts Skin & Laser provides detailed instructions, so your skin looks and feels great after treatment. For example, you may have some redness or sensitivity after a laser session, but these sensations dissipate quickly. Avoid direct sun exposure and keep the treatment area clean and moisturized to prevent irritation.

Results from laser hair removal should become more apparent over time, with long-lasting outcomes occurring after several sessions with our team. Get ready to finally say goodbye to unwanted hair and enjoy smooth, beautiful skin with our help.

Try our state-of-the-art laser system for hair removal

Excess body hair is a common concern, and Fine Arts Skin & Laser can help you enjoy virtually hair-free confidence with the cutting-edge Soprano ICE Platinum device. Discover the benefits of this revolutionary system by scheduling a consultation at our practice in Dover, OH. Our laser treatment is a safe and comfortable experience for people of all skin types.

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