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Alma Duo™ Provides Groundbreaking Treatment for Women & Men

Dr. David M. Hartman | 07/22/2022

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Sexual dysfunction is a debilitating problem for couples, but many people avoid seeking help out of embarrassment or shame. While men experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), women may suffer from decreased libido, pain, or problems with arousal.

The Alma Duo is a groundbreaking new device that can improve sexual health in men and women. Best of all, no invasive surgery or medication is required. Dr. David M. Hartman and his team of medical professionals can review your symptoms and decide if this treatment is the best way to move forward. Call Fine Arts Skin & Laser in Dover, OH to book a consultation and start your journey today.

How sexual dysfunction impacts men and women

Sexual dysfunction can take on many forms. For example, men could have a hard time maintaining an erection due to improper blood flow to the penis. While prescription medications claim to help, they can cause harmful side effects like headaches or an upset stomach.

Women experience changes in sexual function as they age and enter into menopause. Estrogen levels drop, which causes vaginal dryness and a decrease in libido. These changes can make intercourse painful and unenjoyable. Though hormone pills or surgery are available as treatments, they also come with a host of potential risks.

What is the Alma Duo?

The Alma Duo is a new device that treats men and women of all needs and backgrounds. This device uses shockwave therapy to enhance blood flow to the penis, which helps men achieve and maintain erections. For women, this therapy stimulates the formation of blood vessels and increases vaginal moisture and elasticity.

Here's why our patients choose Fine Arts Skin & Laser for Alma Duo treatment:

  • Experienced staff: Rest assured that you're in good hands with our team. Dr. Hartman has years of experience helping men and women navigate sexual dysfunction through the Alma Duo.
  • Flexible scheduling: We know our patients lead busy lives. That's why we offer flexible appointments and short wait times in Dover, OH.
  • Patient-centered care: Fine Arts Skin & Laser always puts patients first. We can develop an Alma Duo treatment plan that helps meet your unique needs and goals.

What to expect during Alma Duo treatment

At Fine Arts Skin & Laser, we strive to provide safe and minimally-invasive solutions whenever possible. This is why we perform quick health assessments before recommending the Alma Duo & may ask about your current symptoms and medical history before moving forward with treatment.

Alma Duo sessions are simple and easy. No special preparation is required, and sessions last about 30 minutes in-office. There is no downtime afterward, so you can return to work and normal activities almost immediately. The preferred regimen is 6 treatments, spaced 2—3 days apart, administered over 3 weeks with Dr. Hartman and his team of medical professionals.

Improve your sexual health with the Alma Duo

We understand it can be painful to talk about issues in the bedroom, even with a medical professional. Now, there is no need to let sexual dysfunction control your life. The Alma Duo offers a simple and noninvasive solution that can improve your quality of life. If you have ED, pain, or decreased libido, call Fine Arts Skin & Laser to meet with our team in Dover, OH.

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