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Is Weight Loss Required Before BeautiFill® Fat Transfer?

Dr. David Hartman | 11/30/2021

The BeautiFill fat transfer process is easy to manage, but it works best when you are at or near your ideal weight before the procedure.


What Skin Imperfections Are Improved with Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Dr. David Hartman | 10/21/2021

This non-surgical, virtually pain-free procedure rejuvenates aging and damaged skin to create a tighter, smoother, and brighter look.


Will Laser Hair Removal Permanently Remove My Hair?

Dr. David Hartman | 09/25/2021

The InMode Triton laser system simultaneously emits three wavelengths to provide comprehensive hair removal.


I Am Pregnant. Can I Still Have A HydraFacial®?

Dr. David Hartman | 08/26/2021

Is HydraFacial treatment safe for expectant mothers? Learn more about your options for facial rejuvenation treatments during pregnancy.


What Are The Benefits Of A JetPeel Facial

Dr. David Hartman | 07/25/2021

Looking for a quick and convenient solution for rejuvenating your skin and restoring your natural glow? Consider a JetPeel Pro facial.


How Long Do Laser Liposuction with Fat Transfer Results Last?

Dr. David Hartman | 06/20/2021

With BeautiFill, laser liposuction with a fat transfer just became easier, providing long-term, natural-looking results.


Fall Skin Care

Dr. David Hartman | 06/05/2020

Now that it is autumn, it is the perfect time to assess and treat your skin damage.


Options for Addressing “Smile Lines”

Dr. David Hartman | 06/04/2020

Placing filler in the nasolabial folds (also known as smile or laugh lines) is not just an overrated procedure, but one often detrimental to patients.


Nordlys Hybrid System by Ellipse for Vascular Lesions

Dr. David Hartman | 06/02/2020

Vascular lesions can be treated with the Nordlys Hybrid System.


Rejuvenate Your Skin with Environ Cool Peels

Dr. David Hartman | 05/27/2020

Environ Cool Peels can erase the visible signs of aging and various other unwanted skin conditions in a non-surgical manner.


Treating Sun Damage with Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion

Dr. David Hartman | 05/26/2020

Medical-grade micro dermabrasion can provide an effective solution to a myriad of sun-damage related skincare issues.


Am I a Good Candidate for Radiofrequency Body Contouring?

Dr. David Hartman | 05/26/2020

The only way to determine if you are an ideal candidate for RF body contouring is to have an evaluation done by our professional FAS&L staff.


Eliminate Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles with a Brow Lift

Dr. David Hartman | 05/26/2020

Considering a surgical procedure in order to fix something about your appearance that you do not like is a serious matter.


IPL for Port-Wine Stain Treatment

Dr. David Hartman | 05/26/2020

If you have been looking for an effective treatment for Port-Wine Stains, then it is a good idea to learn more about IPL therapy.


Say Goodbye to Excess Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Dr. David Hartman | 05/24/2020

If you’re tired of constantly removing excess body hair, it may be time to consider a more permanent solution.


Doctors Sound Off On the Most Overrated Procedures

Dr. David Hartman | 06/24/2017

Dr. Hartman on how nasolabial fold filler injections are not only overrated but, in fact, often detrimental.


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