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As a sought-after speaker and wealth of information, Dr. David Hartman is a regular contributor to media outlets looking to educate their audiences about topics related to facial plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments. View some of the online and print articles he has teamed up with NewBeauty to publish.
When it first hit stands, NewBeauty carved a unique niche as the only magazine 100 percent dedicated to beauty. Since its inception, no other brand has done more to educate millions of women on how to make better beauty decisions. Created to fill a void where real, in-depth and trusted beauty information was nearly impossible to find, NewBeauty has grown into a leading powerhouse luxury brand that empowers women everywhere. NewBeauty delivers cutting-edge information and solutions in a range of options from the latest beauty products, treatments and cosmetic enhancement procedures to advancements in health and wellness.
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Syringe With Insulin Bottle.
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The Top Aesthetic Trends to Expect in 2020, According to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons
Why the ‘Home Improvement Effect’ May Be Responsible for an Increased Interest in Plastic Surgery?
Why the ‘Home Improvement Effect’ May Be Responsible for an Increased Interest in Plastic Surgery
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Here’s Where Every State Stands on Resuming Aesthetic and Elective Procedures
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Eating Too Much Sugar May Cause Excess Facial Hair in Women
The New ‘Social Media’ Surgery Patient Is Not Who You Would Expect
Does the Face App Accurately Depict How We Will Age? Doctors Weigh In
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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About In-Office Procedures, Answered

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