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Vein Treatments with Harmony in Dover - New Philadelphia, OH

Spider Veins Gone in a Snap

Reduce or Remove Spider Veins, Facial Vessels, & Other Vascular Lesions in Dover - New Philadelphia, OH

Sun damage, aging, and other factors can weaken the walls of the small blood vessels near the surface of the skin, causing blood to dilate them and become visible. These “spider veins” are commonly found on the legs, around the nose, and on the cheeks and chin and may make you self-conscious. Other common cosmetic concerns related to the vascular system include port-wine stains, facial vessels, hemangiomas, and venous lakes. We treat vascular lesions using Harmony XL PRO and Harmony DYE VL, two innovative light and laser technologies that help precisely shut off visibly damaged blood vessels so they can break down and be reabsorbed by the body. Excellent results can typically be achieved in one to three easy in-office treatments. At Fine Arts Skin and Laser in Dover - New Philadelphia, OH, we provide treatment with this cutting-edge technology to help you achieve show-stopping results.

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What is a Harmony Vein Treatment?

While vascular lesions rarely pose a medical risk to the people that develop them, some people wish to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, our practice offers patients effective vascular treatments that can help improve the appearance of these lesions. The Harmony XL PRO device with ClearVein applicator, as well as the Harmony Dye VL, are used to close visibly damaged veins to minimize or eliminate their appearance. These treatments combine light and laser wavelengths to stop blood flow to visible blood vessels and give you noticeably clearer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Results are long-lasting, and the treatment is safe for all skin types.

Vein Treatments in Dover, OH  Dover

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What are the benefits of Harmony Vein Treatment?

Enjoy clear, vein-free skin again! Eliminate spider veins and other types of visible blood vessels with safe and highly effective light and laser treatments. Harmony XL PRO and Dye VL are virtually painless and can yield impressive results in approximately three treatments or less. Within a few months of completing your sessions, various types of vascular lesions typically fade or vanish completely. Vascular lesions can be caused by aging, genetics, sun exposure, sitting or standing for extended periods, and other factors. The Harmony device is highly effective at treating some of the most common vascular lesions:

  • Port-wine stains. These birthmarks resemble maroon wine spilled or splashed on the skin. They often change in size and texture over time.
  • Facial vessels. Facial vessels are small, reddish capillaries that become visible on the face because of sun damage, vigorous scrubbing, or genetics.
  • Hemangiomas. These growths are abnormal collections of blood vessels that usually develop before birth. They can form underneath the fatty layer of the skin or on its surface and are usually burgundy or bright red in color.
  • Venous lakes. These soft skin formations are often blue or purple in color and circular in shape. They most commonly develop in areas exposed to the sun, including the lips, face, and ears.
  • Spider veins. Spider veins are small red, blue, or purple veins that form in a web-like shape beneath the skin. They usually develop on the legs.

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Your Vein Treatment Consultation

We can’t wait to show you your clearest, most radiant skin with Harmony XL PRO or Dye VL. Schedule your consultation at Fine Arts Skin and Laser today. We will listen to your goals, evaluate your needs, and go over your treatment options with you. We provide premier, individualized aesthetic treatments for patients from Dover, New Philadelphia, North Canton, Akron, Millersburg, Uniontown, Canton, Massillon, Cambridge, OH, and beyond.

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Your Harmony Vein Treatment Procedure

A Harmony vein treatment is virtually pain-free, with most patients experiencing only a warming sensation on the skin. The session takes less than an hour, with the total time depending on the number and size of areas being treated. Afterward, you will be ready to return to your regular schedule. The Harmony light and laser combination is gentle enough that it does not cause the peeling or other side effects that can come with some laser treatments.

Vein Treatments in Dover, OH  Dover Vein Treatments in Dover, OH  Dover


Harmony Vein Treatment Results

It may take a few months to see the full results of your treatment. Harmony patients routinely see a dramatic reduction—and sometimes a complete elimination—of the appearance of spider veins, hemangiomas, and other types of vascular lesions on the face or body. Dr. Hartman or the laser nurse team will determine the number of treatments needed to give you the best results possible.

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Harmony XL PRO Recovery and Aftercare

Unlike many laser treatments that require downtime to recover from peeling and other side effects, recovery time from a Harmony treatment is minimal to non-existent, with most people returning to their schedules immediately. To promote healing and protect your skin from damage, make sure to practice careful sun protection and keep your skin well moisturized.

Vein Treatments Frequently Asked Questions

What are vascular lesions?

Vascular-proliferation lesions are extremely common and are associated with sun damage, aging, pregnancy changes, and hormonal changes. While some types of vascular lesions develop before birth, many others form later in life. These lesions can vary dramatically in the way they look and the locations where they form.

Does treatment with Harmony hurt?

No. Harmony is one of the gentler laser technologies and is virtually pain-free. Most people feel a warming sensation during their treatment. That’s it! There is also little to no downtime in comparison to the other types of laser treatments.


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Post-op Follow-up 2-3 weeks
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