Dover, OH | Instant Abs with EMSCULPT! | Fine Arts Skin & Laser

We are considering this device for our practice. We are really excited about it and would love to get your feedback to see if something like this would interest you! It not only builds muscle but also destroys fat in just four sessions.


Speaker 1: I 'm having Em Sculpt done. Em Sculpt is a muscle building device and a fat destroying device. Oh, it feels weird. In the next half an hour, I 'm going to have the equivalent of about 20, 000 crunches, in terms of building muscle and destroying fat in my abs. I f I had four of these, I would have a 27 % reduction in fat in the treated area and a 23 % build in the muscle. So it's pulsating right now and it feels weird, it kind of tickles in a way. It also causes a pretty significant contraction, and I 'm just barely at 15 % right now. And also, for women who have diastasis of the rectus muscle from pregnancies, can see about 11 % on average contraction of that diastasis, or correction of the diastasis.

This Em Sculpt, we're considering getting this for our practice. We are pretty excited that it could make a big difference in ourselves and our population. What do you think? Do you think this is something that is exciting and something worth looking into, or not?"