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TED™ Hair
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TED™ Hair Restoration


TED is an excellent option for hair restoration Dover, OH patients who want to combat hair loss and experience thicker, fuller hair. Through a non-invasive technique, TED emits ultrasound-based energy to stimulate hair growth. Learn more by contacting Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation.


Ultrasound-Based Solutions for Fuller, Thicker Hair

TED hair restoration utilizes ultrasound-based technology to target hair loss concerns. During your treatment, the handheld device is administered to the scalp and over the desired treatment area. We also utilize the TED+ Hair Care Formula, which is formulated with essential ingredients to stimulate hair growth for thicker, fuller hair. Depending on your needs, you may need a series of treatments to experience the best possible results. During your consultation for Hair Restoration New Philadelphia expert, Dr. Hartman, and our team will create a customized treatment plan that is ideal for you.


Discover the Future of Hair Regrowth with TED Technology

Several factors, including medications and nutrition, may result in premature balding at almost any age for both males and females. Androgenetic alopecia, sometimes called female and male pattern hair loss, is said to be a very prevalent baldness condition, leading to receding, finer hair that, eventually, could go away completely and diminish an individual's confidence.

At Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Dover Hair Restoration is performed with TED by Alma. This is offered in addition to the specialized TED+ hair growth solution, as an innovative option to encourage hair growth. Sound energy and the force of air from this high-end device drive the advanced TED+ hair growth solution down

into the head to encourage blood flow while simultaneously providing vital growth factors needed to grow, thicken, and retain the hair. To learn more about what this hair loss treatment option could do for you, book a consultation with Dr. David M. Hartman and his team at our office in Dover, OH.


How much does TED hair restoration cost?

The cost varies in relation to how many procedures are required to achieve your ideal enhancements. In your initial consultation, our team will find out your concerns and discuss your hair restoration desires before providing a custom-tailored rejuvenation plan, including a cost estimate.

What number of Alma TED sessions are required?

It is recommended to seek treatment at the onset of thinning hair or baldness. The number of hair restoration treatments will vary according to the condition of the hair loss. Noticeable outcomes have been attained after the first full set of treatment sessions spaced over four weeks.

Is Alma TED painful?

Many individuals say there is little to no discomfort throughout the hair restoration procedure. The innovative technology involves the use of sound waves and the force of air to help supply the TED+ hair medication deep into the scalp, which is not expected to cause trauma.

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