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Under the Chin Lipo in Dover and New Philadelphia, Ohio

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New Philadelphia - Dover, Ohio Under the Chin Lipo at Fine Arts Skin & Laser

Under the Chin Lipo is a great way to eliminate difficult pockets of fat from the neck, defining the neckline and freeing you of that stubborn, unattractive double chin. We are always excited to help our New Philadelphia and Dover, OH, patients achieve more confidence and pride in their overall appearance by offering a selection of cosmetic procedures. Schedule your consultation at Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and discover how you can benefit from under-the-chin liposuction today.

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What is Under-the-Chin Lipo?

Regardless of the name, double chins are actually caused by too much fat around the neck. During under-the-chin lipo surgery at Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David M. Hartman will remove the fat around the neck with this minimally invasive technique to dramatically reshape and redefine the neck, chin, and jawline, helping to reduce large jowls and the presence of a double chin. Under-the-chin lipo also creates a more chiseled jawline and a tighter, more contoured throat, as well as achieving a smoother appearance by adjusting soft tissue.

This procedure can diminish both small lumps or areas of fat as well as larger treatment areas. It is a great alternative for women and men who want a slimmer neckline, a more defined chin, and an overall more youthful look. For more information about under-the-chin lipo and how it can improve your neckline, make a consultation today with Dr. Hartman at his office in New Philadelphia - Dover, OH, also serving patients from North Canton, Akron, Millersburg, Uniontown, Canton, Massillon, Cambridge, and surrounding areas.

Under the Chin Lipo in Dover, OH  Dover

We Help Where Exercise Can’t

What are the benefits of Under the Chin Lipo?

Under-the-chin lipo is one of the only procedures that focuses on getting rid of fat beneath the chin. Not only is chin lipo incredibly effective, but it is also low-risk and more affordable than many other plastic surgeries. Under-the-chin lipo can help slim down what no exercise can. Good candidates for chin lipo are adults who experience excess fat underneath the chin, commonly known as a double chin. You should not get chin lipo if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying medical conditions. Talk to one of our plastic surgeons during your consultation to find out whether or not chin lipo is right for you.

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Your Under the Chin Lipo Consultation

During your consultation, we will go over your expectations for your final results and how we plan to make them happen. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure as well during this time. Dr. Hartman is dedicated to working with you to meet your aesthetic goals and exceed your expectations. For more information about under-the-chin lipo and to schedule your one-on-one consultation, call Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today. We are conveniently located to serve patients from Dover, New Philadelphia, North Canton, Akron, Millersburg, Uniontown, Canton, Massillon, and Cambridge.

Dreams Come True at Fine Arts Skin & Laser

Your Under-the-Chin Lipo Procedure

Before your procedure, your plastic surgeon will provide you with ProNox (nitrous oxide), which will put you into a euphoric state. The area under the chin is infused with tumescent (diluted lidocaine) anesthesia. This will ensure that you do not leave the procedure groggy or disoriented and will not feel any pain during the procedure. The plastic surgeon will sterilize the skin of your neck before making small incisions in the crease of the earlobe and under the chin. This allows for a small stainless steel tube (cannula) to be gently placed inside the incisions, where it can use light suction and a vibration motion to remove excess fat. You return home the same day.

Under the Chin Lipo in Dover, OH  Dover Under the Chin Lipo in Dover, OH  Dover

Double-Chin, Begone!

Under-the-Chin Lipo Results

After your chin lipo procedure, you will notice a major improvement immediately. While it may take a week or two for any residual swelling and bruising to go down, your results will continue to improve over this time. Your full results will appear approximately two to four weeks or more after your procedure. Maintaining your results will rely on taking care of your body and staying healthy. We can tell you more about your results and aftercare during your consultation.

Slim Down in No Time

Under the Chin Lipo Recovery and Aftercare

At Fine Arts Skin & Laser, under-the-chin lipo is done comfortably awake as an outpatient procedure and can be finished in a relatively short time frame. Dr. Hartman may recommend that you wear compression garments after your surgery to help reduce swelling. Downtime may vary and could be increased if other procedures were performed at the same time. Optimal results can be expected in the few months following, but patients may be instructed to refrain from strenuous physical activities for the first week. Due to the very small incision site, scarring is minimal and easily concealable.

Under Chin Lipo Frequently Asked Questions

Does Under-the-Chin Lipo leave scars?

Our plastic surgeon takes great care to hide the tiny scar made from the chin lipo incision. Typically, these incisions are made right under the chin and in the crease of the earlobes, so the scars will be unnoticeable in daily life. There are certain treatments that some patients may be interested in, such as laser treatments, to help lighten the appearance of scars even further.

What are the risks of having Under-the-Chin lipo?

Like all other plastic surgeries, there are risks involved with chin lipo. They are uncommon, but some risks include infection, hematoma, or asymmetries. All patients should take great care to follow the guidelines for aftercare the plastic surgeon gives. These guidelines are given to prevent risks and ensure you have the best experience possible with your healing and results. We will make sure to schedule a pre-op appointment with you one week after your procedure to ensure that you are not having any troubles and are healing nicely.

How much does Under-the-Chin Lipo cost?

On average, chin lipo costs around $3,500. However, this price can vary greatly depending on the patient’s needs and whether you pair your chin lipo with other treatments or procedures. The best way to get an accurate price for your procedure is to schedule a consultation with us. Unfortunately, insurance will only cover chin lipo if it is considered a medical necessity. At Fine Arts Skin & Laser, we offer many different financing and payment plan options for your convenience. We don’t want money to stop you from deciding to improve your confidence and self-image. Schedule your consultation today, and let us help you find a solution that benefits you the most.


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