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Skin Cancer Removal

Skin Cancer Removal with Minimal Scarring

Skin Cancer Removal and Repair at Fine Arts Skin and Laser

As skin cancer patients, we have three important priorities when it comes to treatment:

  1. We want the cancer gone once and for all.
  2. We want to have the least possible scarring or deformity.
  3. We want the process to not overburden our schedules.

New Philadelphia Skin Cancer Removal expert, Dr David Hartman, is a double-board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and an expert at removing skin cancers entirely the first time with fine aesthetic result while best preserving function. He does all his surgeries “Comfortably Awake” giving you unparalleled comfort and convenience. Comfortably Awake Surgery involves local numbing and sometimes is assisted by the patient sipping on Pro-Nox, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.

Get the Entire Skin Cancer Removed the First Time.

Precise Skin Cancer Removal

In other words, the first surgery for Skin Cancer Removal gives the cleanest and best chance to get all the cancer with minimal collateral damage. Thereafter, it is harder to distinguish what is cancer and what is normal reactive tissue.

At Fine Arts Skin & Laser, we use German-made (Zeiss) microscopes to evaluate suspicious skin lesions to decide whether a suspicious lesion is in fact cancer or simply a benign (not cancer) mole. Then to optimize treatment, we use these same ceiling-mounted 10x binocular microscopes to remove skin cancer completely and do the repair.

Will Skin Cancer Removal Spoil my Appearance?

Outstanding Surgical Training and Experience give you the Best Results.

Skin Cancer removal, especially of the most cosmetically sensitive areas like our faces could result in significant scarring and deformity. Even large or deep scars on the arms, legs, and trunk could be distressing for many of us.

So not only do we want our skin cancer removals to be successful in getting all the skin cancer, but we also want the reconstruction to leave the least negative impact on our appearance. Dr. Hartman has removed 10,000 skin cancers in 24 years of practice. He has the talent and experience to remove threatening skin cancers from sensitive locations such as eyelids, nose, lips, cheeks, ears, and forehead.

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Likewise, body-wide skin cancers can be removed leaving you looking your very best. Surgical techniques such as meticulous planning, marking, and removing of the cancer under 10X binocular microscopes greatly help to ensure all the cancer is removed while leaving as much normal, healthy skin as possible. Also, marking the cancer removal while at the same time marking the tissue reconstruction - yields the best tissue-sparing results. Likewise, strategically designing incision lines to lie in natural skin lines, and then widely undermining the peripheral skin to create the necessary laxity - is essential in achieving outstanding reconstruction results. Finally, treating incision scars repeatedly with appropriate resurfacing lasers in follow-up visits - further optimizes results.

Skin Cancer Removal Dover

Optimize your Facial Function with your Skin Cancer Removal

On some areas of our bodies like our eyelids for instance, removing a Skin Cancer can be functionally devastating if not done carefully.

Eyelids, Mouth, and Hands are critical function-sensitive areas. At these skin cancer areas, the stakes are particularly high for not causing deformity. In these areas, getting it right the first time matters the most. Especially in critical areas, you want a skin cancer surgeon with the experience and judgement to help make sure your skin cancer removal and repair won’t cause needless problems. Dr Hartman is a double-board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with decades of skin cancer experience.

Your Time is Valuable

Efficient Skin Cancer Removal: Multiple Cancers Addressed in One Visit

We don’t want to take time off for multiple appointments when the problem could be solved in a single visit or two. Especially for patients who have multiple skin cancers, no one appreciates the run-around of having a skin cancer provider refuse to remove more than one cancer at a time. The practice of only treating one skin cancer per visit is particularly common at some practices – they claim that insurance companies “won’t allow them to remove more than one at a time”.

Insurance companies do not limit the number of skin cancers removed in a single visit; they simply pay a reduced fee for subsequent removals – which is reasonable. You want a skin cancer surgeon who values your precious time and is willing to remove multiple skin cancers at a given visit. Likewise, don’t accept that a suspicious skin lesion “must” be “biopsied” before it is formally removed. Dr. Hartman examines each suspicious skin lesion with a 10X binocular microscope. In many cases, he can determine with 99% certainty whether a lesion is in fact skin cancer or if it is not. Don’t waste time and money on unnecessary biopsies and visits. Worse than just wasted visits, many times, unnecessary first biopsies, condemn the actual final skin cancer removal to larger removal specimens due to the inflammation caused by the first unnecessary biopsy “muddying the water”. Best practice is to fully remove a highly suspicious lesion as the first procedure.

Skin Cancer Removal Dover Skin Cancer Removal Dover

What if I have an Ugly Mole or Cyst (not cancer) that I Want Removed?

Skin Cancer Removal: Understanding Medical Necessity for Suspicious & Troublesome Lesions

If a patient has a skin lesion that is suspicious for cancer – removal of that lesion qualifies as a medically necessary procedure (the doctor is simply paid less if the suspicious skin lesion is ultimately determined by the pathologist to be not cancer after all). We strive to offer the best Skin Cancer Removal Dover has to offer.

On the other hand, if a skin lesion is not suspicious for skin cancer, but is painful, intensely itchy, bleeds regularly, catches on clothing, or causes a problem with a bodily function, then that lesion still qualifies as medically necessary most of the time.

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Beyond that, from time to time, many of us acquire non-cancerous skin lesions that we want removed simply because they are ugly, bothersome, distracting, or annoying. When we have clients ask us about annoying non-cancerous lesions, we offer a fair proposal of what the fee would be to remove it as an out-of-pocket expense. Many times, we can take care of the mole removal on the same visit. We, of course, extend the same quality treatment we offer skin cancer patients.

Must I go to an Operating Room for my Skin Cancer Removal?

Doing Skin Cancer Removal In-Office and Comfortably Awake saves you Time, Money, and Hassel.

Getting ready for the OR can involve a large amount of hassle and expense, many times, requiring patients to get pre-op chest x-rays, EKGs, lab work, and other special clearances. OR cases required that we avoid one or more meals ahead of time and secure a ride home afterwards. Many times, routine medication schedules (like blood thinners) must be altered before the OR case, as well.

Some of the advantages of doing procedures in-the-office comfortably awake is that almost all the hassles of general anesthesia are unnecessary. Dr Hartman’s Comfortably Awake Surgery avoids all the danger and hassles of general anesthesia, allowing patients to recover better and faster and even drive themselves home – in most cases.

Recovery after Skin Cancer Removal

Skin Cancer Removal Recovery is easier than you think.

Generally, New Philadelphia skin cancer removal patients return to jobs and routines either the same day or the next day. Narcotics are not necessary. Usually, there are no bandages or minimal bandages to worry about. Stitches generally come out in a week or so. After stiches are removed, rarely are follow-up visits needed except for suggested routine surveillance.

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