Dr. David Hartman- Eyelid Rejuvenation

Dr. Hartman discusses how Eyelid Rejuvenation improves drooping, sagging and puffiness around the eyes.


Dr. David Hartman: What's involved in eyelid rejuvenation? These are procedures to address, foremost for most people, is hooding of the upper lid where it's kind of redundant and hangs that way, creating in many cases an asymmetric eye, so one eye is different than the other. People are upset when they're starting to see bags under their eyes, or fullness under their eyes. We call them pseudo herniation of fat pads. So, eyelid rejuvenation addresses those concerns in a way that restores the very essence of who that person is in a very, very natural looking way. The great thing about eyelid rejuvenation is the skin heals so beautifully without any evidence of scar in the vast majority of cases.

This is a procedure that can easily be done in the office with a person completely awake, maybe a little sedation if necessary, very, very comfortably, go home that same day very easily, and recovery is usually quite quick, maybe five days to 10 days of some bruising. Sutures come out in about five to eight days, little teeny, tiny little sutures. We do it through microscope. In fact, that's how small they are and results are remarkable in terms of the wow of that just looks so great, so young, so refreshed. Refreshed is the best word for what eyelid surgery does. It refreshes the look.