Dover, OH | EMSELLA Testimonial | Fine Arts Skin & Laser

Are you an active, young mother suffering from urinary stress incontinence? Watch this video to see how EMSELLA can help improve your quality of life, like it did for this young mother. *Note, this is an actual patient of Fine Arts Skin & Laser and is being released with her permission.


Kylie Fonders: Hi, I'm Kylie Fonders and I'm from Dover, Ohio. And I'm a mom of two who are close in age, about two years apart, and I was experiencing urinary leakage after I had given birth to them. So I was looking for a solution and I was told about the EMSELLA and I'm actually sitting in the chair that the treatment's performed on and I have had multiple benefits from this treatment. Top two for me would be, I no longer have to worry about everyday leakage and I am able to live my active lifestyle again. Not having to worry about if I've used the restroom before I want to participate in a workout class, or if I laugh or sneeze with my friends, if I'm going to experience some leakage.

I definitely recommend this for any woman who has experienced this after childbirth, or maybe just aging. It has helped my life out so much. I've even been able to see the benefit in my sex life, from my duration of my orgasms, to the intensity and the overall confidence in the bedroom. If you feel like you are having these issues, there's hope, and there is a quick solution. It's about 30 minutes, no pain, easy done, and you'll see the benefits yourself.