Dr. David Hartman- Mini Facelift

Dr. Hartman discusses how mini-facelifts can address mild to moderate face or neck sagging and laxity with long-lasting results and a quick recovery time.


Dr. David Hartman: Is a mini facelift right for you? Mini facelift is a smaller facelift. It's a facelift that addresses specific concerns such as jowling, extra skin in the neck, wrinkles in the cheek, maybe some problems further back, the ear low that need to be addressed from maybe a prior procedure. Facelifts that are many facelifts can so easily be done in the office with the patient awake, so easily be done such the patient then goes home the same day, even drives themselves home. This is a procedure that can be as short as an hour or two.

The actual procedure, we'll often combine something like this as we do with most big cosmetic surgeries with some laser to help tighten the skin as well. Beautifying procedure for the right patient to really return youth without any big deal procedure.