Dover, OH | Dr. David Hartman - Red Spots | Fine Arts Skin & Laser

Dr. Hartman explains how the revolutionary technology of the Nordlys Hybrid diminishes red blemishes and spider veins.


Dr. David Hartman: So what we call reds of the face, those little capillaries that are around the nose or the cheeks, or those little red tumors, or just that sort of red... Some people call it rosacea, but it may not be that. But those reds of the cheek that we just don't like that cause us to have to wear makeup or that we just are tired of, can be treated very effectively with Nordlys Hybrid.

There are two hand pieces for that. One is called the PR and that's a very good way to stamp out all of those fine little reds. And then we have a YAG laser hand piece that can specifically target the bigger vessels. It's an instantaneous removal of the reds. It's very effective, very comfortable, something we can do in a few minutes here in the office, is inexpensive to treat those reds and does a great job. We love the Nordlys Hybrid. It's a very specific treatment for a very specific problem, and there is just no downtime with that. Or is there any discomfort of any concern. We love it.