Dr. David Hartman- Facelift

Dr. Hartman discusses how a facelift rejuvenates the face and neck.


Dr. David Hartman: So, what is a facelift? It's the simplest and most complex of questions in cosmetic surgery. Facelifts are designed not for the upper face, which some people might think, that's a brow lift or a forehead lift. A facelift addresses the lower two-thirds of the face. So, a facelift is for the jowls and the neck and maybe the nasal, they fold it a little bit and to bring that soft tissue back up onto the apples of the face. Anything else is a brow lift, that's for getting the brow into a nice position. That's a very beautifying procedure too, but that's different. Facelifts come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a traditional, full on facelift, you have deep, plain facelifts, you have SMAS lifts. Those are types of facelifts. We have mini-facelifts. Some people just need a little nip and tuck along the side of their face or on their neck.
They've already had a facelift 10, 15 years ago. Maybe they just need a little bit of a revision of that. So, those are also options. I think of a facelift as a collection of 50 maneuvers, each one of them customized as we go to get the final result that's needed. Our goal in facelifts is to create a very natural, very un-operated look that looks just like the person who is having a procedure, but a better version, a younger version, a more vital version, a happier version, a restored, sexier, more athletic looking version of that same person.