Dr. David Hartman- Brown Spots

Dr. Hartman explains how the revolutionary technology of the Nordlys Hybrid can diminish brown spots.


Dr. David Hartman: So, what do we do with those brown age spots on the face, those stains that make us look older and tireder and give that model look to the skin that you have to use so much pancake on that doesn't look good? The Nortis Hybrid is a device that is handmade in Denmark. It's the Tesla of devices. It does a great job of targeting the offensive browns without collateral damage to the rest of the skin. It's easy to do, we do it in the office. It's inexpensive. It's quick. It causes those browns to rise out of the skin and disappear, leaving a very healthy, young looking skin that can be done so easily in the office. And with very, very little discomfort.