Dover, OH | CO2 Laser Resurfacing Skin | Fine Arts Skin & Laser

Dr. Hartman is utilizing a CO2 Fractional Laser to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth for improved skin texture.


Dr. David Hartman: Fractional CO2 laser for treating fine lines and wrinkles of the face, especially the crepe skin under the eyes and the vertical lines around the mouth is a marvelous device for doing a very natural rejuvenation of the face. Nothing artificial here, the laser cores into the skin, causes that dermis to thicken and tighten, looks terrifically natural. Recovery's pretty quick, three to five days as seen in this before and after photo of this beautiful woman who had a brow and lid rejuvenation. The CO2 laser thickened, tightened and rejuvenated that skin, so it just looks great.