Blog IPL for Port-Wine Stain Treatment

IPL for Port-Wine Stain Treatment

A port-wine stain, or nevus flammeus, is a dark red or reddish-purple birthmark that really does look as if someone spilled wine on the patient’s skin. Port-wine stains can occur anywhere, but they are most commonly found on the face, scalp, neck, legs or arms. If you have been looking for an effective treatment for…

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Blog When to Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing

When to Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is used as a way to address facial wrinkles, irregularities in your skin and acne scars. It is a very powerful treatment that has improved the lives of many patients. A lot of people turn to laser skin resurfacing when there is something about their appearance that they just don’t like. They reach…

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Blog Common Causes of Cellulite

Common Causes of Cellulite

When people hear the term cellulite, they think that it refers to a complicated illness that requires specialized treatment. However, the truth is that cellulite is the same as fat that is found in any part of the body. The only difference is that the fat deposits have developed just underneath the skin. Why Cellulite Produces…

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Blog Microdermabrasion for Smoother Skin

Microdermabrasion for Smoother Skin

Microdermabrasion, also referred to as simply Microderm, is a very popular anti-aging cosmetic procedure that addresses a wide array of skin concerns, like fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. Its popularity is due to numerous factors, such as its ability to treat so many issues and its convenience, as well as the fact that…

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