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Our most valuable business asset is the outstanding quality of our team based on character: interpersonal skills, work ethic, drive to be better, and passion for our service. We value team member professional growth and embrace the notion that we each have an ever-expanding skillset to master in client care, technology, and marketing. We encourage and develop leadership at every level. Team members are encouraged to annually attend at least two international conferences and two regional conferences. Fine Arts Skin & Laser believes that team members need to stay inspired and updated on what is happening at the forefront of our industry.

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At these conferences, we acquire immediately implementable techniques, tips, and insights. We also scout for technology acquisition opportunities to improve the value we offer our clients. When new technology is acquired, we aggressively learn it, train on it, implement it, perfect it, build on it, and market it. The team at Fine Arts Skin & Laser prizes personal responsibility – we own our victories and our mistakes, openly sharing both so others will benefit. We stand for respectful treatment of clients and other team members, including empathy, kindness, generosity, lightness, humor, and appropriateness, which we bring to all our interactions. Team members regularly receive complimentary treatments from our surgical and non-surgical menus to deepen personal, first-hand understanding of the experience of our treatments and to enhance the self-confidence we have when we look our best.

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From the wonders of cellular rejuvenation to the play of light and shadow on the contours of your face, we embrace aesthetic care as an art form. We want you to shine in your own skin and are here to show you what is possible when art and science come together. We are passionate about our calling and work tirelessly to bring you the safest and most revolutionary treatments available, delivered in a state-of-the-art facility by highly-skilled, compassionate professionals. Call to schedule your consultation today, and step into a life lived more beautifully.